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Examined By Crushing Wt And Transgenic Anthers

Mar 01 2017 Pollen viability was examined by crushing WT and transgenic anthers into I 2KI solution 31 and pollen grains were counted under light microscope 25 Images of plants and panicles were taken with Nikon5200 DSLR camera All the images were processed with

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  • Bhlh142 Regulates Various Metabolic Pathwayrelated Genes

    Mar 01 2017 Pollen viability was examined by crushing WT and transgenic anthers into I 2KI solution 31 and pollen grains were counted under light microscope 25 Images of plants and panicles were taken with Nikon5200 DSLR camera All the images were processed with

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  • A Cotton Gossypium Hirsutum Wrky Transcription Factor

    Note Pollen grains in over 20 flowers of each line were collected for cross and more than 200 hybrid seeds were examined in each line WT wild type On the other hand the observation on the dehiscence of anthers showed that the GhWRKY22 transgenic plants produce normal dehiscent anthers

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  • Osago2 Controls Ros Production And The Initiation Of

    Apr 09 2019 Understanding the development of anthers the male reproductive organs of plants has key implications for crop yield Epigenetic mechanisms modulate gene expression by altering modifications of DNA or histones and via noncoding RNAs Many studies have examined anther development but the involvement of epigenetic mechanisms remains to be explored

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  • Auxin Response Factor17 Directly Regulates Myb108 For

    Oct 01 2019 The timely release of mature pollen following anther dehiscence is essential for reproduction in flowering plants AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR17 ARF17 plays a crucial role in pollen wall pattern formation tapetum development and auxin signal transduction in anthers Here we showed that ARF17 is also involved in anther dehiscence The Arabidopsis Arabidopsis thaliana arf17

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  • The Gene Anther Dehiscence Repressor Adr

    Mar 25 2019 Male sterility in plants is caused by various stimuli such as hormone changes stress cytoplasmic alterations and nuclear gene mutations The gene ANTHER DEHISCENCE REPRESSOR ADR which is

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  • Regulation Of The Arabidopsis Anther Transcriptome By Dyt1

    fj MYB35SRDX transgenic plant anthers a WT anther staining showing mature pollen grains be WT anthers of stages 69 f We also examined the nonoverlapping sets of genes regulated by either DYT1 or AMS Figure 8 and Table S13

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  • A Role For Hvgamyb In Anther Development

    A role for HvGAMYB in anther development Fiona Murray1 Roger Kalla2 John Jacobsen1 and Frank Gubler1 1CSIRO Plant Industry GPO Box 1600 Canberra City ACT and 2Plant Biotechnology Centre Department of Natural Resources and Environment La Trobe University Victoria 3086 Australia Received 11 July 2002 revised 17 October 2002 accepted 31 October 2002

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  • Abnormal Regenerative Responses And Impaired Axonal

    Dec 12 2012 In contrast ubiquitin levels remained significantly upregulated at 28 d after injury in both TDP43 WT and TDP43 G348C mice We then examined inflammatory response to sciatic nerve crush in transgenic mice and compared them with nontransgenic mice Fig 2CE

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  • Fertility In Barley Owers Depends On Jekyll Functions In

    anthers and gynoecia of WT and transgenic owers were collected separately and frozen in liquid nitrogen Subsequently the plant material was homogenized in 2 ml methanol 60 vv Radioactivity was determined by a liquid scintillation counter type Wallac 1409 Wallac Germany using Rotiszint eco plus Roth Karlsruhe Germany

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  • Deficiency Of Rice Hexokinase Hxk5 Impairs Synthesis And

    To determine the contribution of HXK5 to the total hexokinase activity in rice anthers carrying mature pollen grains we examined hexokinase activity in the anthers of the wildtypes cvs NP and DJ and the hxk51 hxk52 hxk53 and hxk54 mutants at the mature stage

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  • Engineering Cytoplasmic Male Pubmed Central Pmc

    Additionally the transgenic anthers showed abnormal development of the epidermis and endothecium probably resulting in the aberrant shape of anthers The anthers of the transgenic lines at stage 2 were also advanced in the aberrant phenotype with the microspores already separated a developmental step that should have been observed at

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  • Frontiers Mitochondrial Uncoupling Protein 1

    Mitochondrial uncoupling proteins UCPs sustain mitochondrial respiration independent of intracellular ATP concentration Uncoupled respiration is particularly beneficial under stress conditions during which both photosynthesis and respiration may be impaired Sustaining carbon fixation during the reproductive phase is essential for plants to develop viable pollen grains and for seed setting

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  • A Cotton Nac Domain Transcription Factor Ghfsn5

    Transgenic plants were PCR examined and two independent lines in the T 3 generation were selected for further analysis To construct WT represents wild type L10 and L21 represent two independent transgenic lines many pollen grains in transgenic lines were collapsed and shrunken in transgenic anthers To further check the viability

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  • Effects Of Cry1abexpressing Corn Anthers On The

    Effects of Cry1AbExpressing Corn Anthers on the Movement of Monarch Butterfly Larvae Abstract Decreased larval feeding and weight of the monarch butterflyDanaus plexippus L have been detected after 4 d of exposure in the laboratory to a high density ofBacillus thuringiensis Btexpressing anthers

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  • Pdf Bhlh142 Regulates Various Metabolic Pathwayrelated

    bHLH142 regulates various metabolic pathwayrelated genes to affect pollen development and anther dehiscence in rice OPEN Pollen viability was exa mined by crushing WT and transgenic anthers

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  • Supplemental Figure 1 Comparison Of Transverse

    generation examined by the same method described in panel A complementation transgenic lines regenerated by transforming homozygous callus for api5 with pC2301OsAPI5 The data shown are the means SEM of three main panicles C D Comparison of anthers from WT C and api52 D spikelets E F Iodium potassium

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  • Unfolded Proteinindependent Ire1 Activation Contributes

    All of the WT and mutant IRE1 constructs expressed expected sizes of IRE1 proteins in seedlings Up and downregulation of BiP3 and PR4 mRNA respectively by Tm treatment were restored in the FLAGIRE1AWT and FLAGIRE1BWT transgenic plants but not in kinase RNase and LDexpressing transgenic plants

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  • Engineering Cytoplasmic Male Sterility Via The Chloroplast

    The pha A gene was efficiently transcribed in all tissue types examined including leaves flowers and anthers Engineering Cytoplasmic Male Sterility via the Chloroplast Genome by Expression of wt and transgenic anthers at different developmental stages S Anthers at

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  • Downregulation Of The Auxin Transporter Gene Slpin8

    Here we examined the expression pattern of the SlPIN8 gene in vegetative and reproductive organs of tomato RNA Relative SlPIN8 mRNA levels in anthers collected from WT and SlPIN8RNAi transgenic flowers at anthesis Morphological observation of normal pollen germination in the WT and SlPIN8RNAi transgenic plants Bar 25 m

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